Ask a Winemaker: Cosimo Maria Masini


Keep the Earth Below My Feet

The Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Canals of Venice. The Coliseum. Obviously these are all big tourist attractions throughout Italy and obviously these are, well for lack of a better term, they’re old. Super old. Which isn’t a bad thing, actually its part of what makes Italy and pretty much the rest of Europe such an attractive tourist destination it’s rich history. Especially when comparing it to a relatively young country like America, sure America is nice and all but it lacks that certain something. That rich history that fills Europe that can give meaning and life to something as simple as stones set up in a circle in the middle of nowhere. You know sort of like the story of fine aged wine. However, even though Europe embraces its past history the countries don’t ignore the present or future for that matter. There are new, brilliant and unique pieces of architecture being built all over Europe. They’ve preserved the past, but embraced the future. It’s honestly the only way to truly move forward, without ever forgetting how you got there.

            So what does any of this have to do with wine you ask? Well wine is very much a part of the rich history of Europe especially here in Italy. However just as I wrote before what if there was a way to preserve the past while embracing the future. In this case the past could be seen as how the wine makes it to the bottle, you know from the wwoofers and employees who pick the grapes to the machine that presses the juices from the grapes. But when we talk about embracing the future, what if I told you that this vineyard was different? Wine created on a Bio-dynamic farm is what I’m suggesting. Now before you go and call us a bunch of hippie loving tree huggers give me a second to explain. Bio-dynamic farms in a nutshell is basically developing our own ecosystem. A new way of harvesting the wine, in layman’s terms it’d be called organic. It’s an unadulterated expression of the terroir in each unique vineyard.

Just like every fashion season there’s a “new black” even if it’s not the color black, for you men reading this hang with me. Well in the world of food, beverages, wine, and even household products the “new black” is organic. No this doesn’t mean we jumped on a bandwagon or do it to please all those other tree huggers out there, it means a way of life for us out here in the vineyards. It means we like a challenge, how do we create or re-create fine wine without adding supplements or preservatives? There-in lies our challenge and our objective. To respect nature and to be humble in front of it, that is our starting point of our path into the future.