Hopeless Wanderer

Sitting here on the terrace among the vast rolling hills of Tuscan sunsets, on either side of me lie row after rows of vines. Its already going to be my 4th week out here and between the 5am wake up calls to beat the heat of the sun and working in the wine shop doing the wine tastings to working on different communication portals for a new facebook account, instagram, and twitter feeds, the weeks have flown by. However since I will be here for the next 3 months I am looking forward to the learning experiences and memories that I am about to make. The wwoof community and the team here at the vineyard feel like an ever growing family and make being so far away from home somewhat easier. We cook, eat, clean, and work together and our bond is strengthening day by day over bottles of wine and delicious home-made food. And honestly what better way to get to know people? Between the spotty internet connection, no t.v., and no air conditioning we all just like to go outside as the suns is setting, sit and have a chat while playing cards without all the distractions of our technology based world. Life couldn’t be more simple. Ciao.Image


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